Welcome to Game Renegades.com!
Thanks for 5 and a half years, Game Reneagdes

We're here to inform you that Game Renegades has released one of our biggest projects of the month! We're moving to a completely new website! We would like you to join us there at IFLTG (I F'n Love This Game)! We've got a completely customized homepage, and we're just piling the games into our database. We also have a new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server the community can enjoy. So, why not feel free to come on down and submit some content from your favorite games?

moethelawn created Game Renegades back in August 2004 and the site had its ups and downs. IFLTG is a way to give the community more power over site content. We hope this will revitalize the community and make it a great one. In the next few weeks, the site will continue to evolve so be sure to be a part of it by registering on the IFLTG forums.

Game Renegades is still running the game servers. You can find support on their new website: http://gamerenegades.stuorg.iastate.edu/forums/

You can find our homepage at: http://www.ifltg.com

Or our forums at: http://www.ifltg.com/forums

There is more to come at IFLTG.com so stay tuned. If you would like to help out the site in anyway, contact Twilight, Coastercraze, Spoz, or moethelawn and we'll figure something out.

Thanks for 5 and a half years of fun, GR! Welcome to the new site!

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